Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Police Sniper School - 05'

This year’s Law Enforcement sniper school had a variety of snipers…some with 25 yrs experience and others with less than two. Several of these snipers have performed very well in past state and regional sniper competitions also, for some of them, this was just four extra days of training. And as anyone in a specialty unit knows, most of the officers have to provide their own equipment, while others have only the bare bones necessities that their law enforcement agencies have supplied to them.

As an instructor, this is one of the most rewarding classes that I teach. The amount of knowledge that I gain from each of the students is almost overwhelming at times. It’s great to put the students in situations, and watch them work their way out of it, on their own…finding solutions that I never thought of.

Each sniper brings something to the table, whether its years of actual experience, former US Army & Marine Corps sharpshooters, or seasoned police officers and sheriff's deputies.

It isn’t possible to put on a law enforcement sniper school in four or five days that covers all aspects of police sniping; the Marine Corps scout-sniper school is at least eight weeks long. However, in four days we exposed the new snipers to the basic needs of law enforcement sniper training, and the experienced snipers got an extra four days to hone their skills.

Overall, it seemed that most of the students went away with something more than they came with.

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