Thursday, November 10, 2005

SWAT Roundup 05

Over seventy Spec-Ops Teams competed in the 2005 SWAT Roundup International in Orlando, FL. Represented were teams from local Police and US Military, also over 20 foreign military and police agencies participated.

Each competitor must attend training classes, in addition to the daily competition. As instructors, we have a chance to meet other SWAT operators, and share various SWAT training tactics and techniques. Firearms trainers from all over the world gather for the five day event, making "networking" an essential part of the program.

Also, teaching pistol shooting techniques through the “language barrier” to our foreign counterparts can be a challenge but with patience by all, it is easily overcome. In our classes alone, we had students from Estonia, Germany, UAE, Spain and Sarajevo.

Many of these competitors have just returned from combat in Iraq or Afghanistan, and were able to share their experiences with us, and since this is a "SWAT" competition, all students are experienced members of active Law Enforcement SWAT Teams. It's always good to know that the tactics that we preach are working for those not only on the front lines in the Middle East but also on the streets of our own country.

Here, the shooters work on "smooth = fast" presentation & magazine changes. As always, participation in this type of event is a very rewarding experience. Everyone comes out a WINNER!

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